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Saturday, July 12, 2008

This Was A Joke

So to people that remember this and the shitstorm it stirred a while ago, and are reading this now, it was a joke. I was bored and decided to do something that was fun, kind of like a personal experiment. It showed people will believe anything, as long as there is a strong enough illusion or logical misinformation. I quote Freakonomics, "Conventional wisdom is mostly wrong." It was mostly for shits n giggles though and I was very satisfied. I already publicly admitted this on the GWGuru PvP Cup Commentary that finished a couple hours ago.

So for those that believed it, maybe you'll develop an instinct to believe none of what you hear, and half of what you see. Start questioning shit. For those that didn't, I hope you had a good laugh. And for Gaile Gray, I hope I didn't frustrate you too much as I know you responded several times to this. But you're off in some customer service job so that's behind you. =) Oh yeah for those that know me, I'm Rusty. Reppin compton crips y'all know who y'all be. You need cocaine call me up I got more bricks than the Berlin Wall, and Rick Ross just some bitch I keep on a leash.


tendamon said...

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Anonymous said...

It's quite hilarious really how you make even more assertions to discredit yourself in this post than any other I've yet to read. You're just BEGGING the other .02% that actually believe in you to stop. Begging being the complete and operative word.

And thank you again for being most generously Vague.

Anonymous said...

I want to say this to, would it possible to give me there email addresses?

"WTF! I've been waiting for Guild Wars 2 for 3 Fucking Years! Are you guys even fucking working? There are people quitting the game, and you guys are not even giving a screenshot to look at. This was my last option in getting info, cause I using the forums and its all shit. The communication is horrible!"

I think you would agree with me.

Anonymous said...

Found this while searching randomly on google - read the posts in order, but even without reading this post 'till last, I knew it was a fake. Don't know how, just the way you were far too dramatic... try being more natural next time. :P

Qasim Sahi said...

Nice post I like Your Blog

Qasim Sahi said...

Nice post I like Your Blog

Qasim Sahi said...

Nice post I like Your Blog

Decus said...

- Its Decus btw, I'm done my Engineer Masters (MEng). Get in touch sometime, I need your genius <3 <3
Are u still volunteering &charity work or something, my friends haven't seen you around

LMAO RUSTY I love your rap / hip hop / song lyrics. Honestly you're the best, funniest internet poster I've read, along with your other crazy awesome content. Keep up the internet gangsta eThug :D

Not sure if you mistyped or left out words intentionally on the last paragraph, you've said it before. c/pasting.

You need cocaine just call, I got more bricks than the Berlin Wall,
Cept that was knocked down in 1989 so I aint got none at all
and Rick Ross, just some bitch, gotta keep on a leash.
That why he grunt so much, irritiable bowel syndrome, too much feast
Now Imma be repping everybody worldwide till the day I die
**music stops**
Huh hold on... double Negg points?! GONNA LOG ONTO NEOPETS KTHXBAI

You should start ghostwriting for Youtube channels & other media if you haven't already, or start your own Youtube chan.

Went through all my GW stuff for nostalgia sake... you're the best.

Decus said...

Hey Rusty are you still in touch with WME & other showbiz peeps

Anonymous said...

Yo Rusty its Rachel aka FlameBaitGirl

Lol Decus (my guildy) showed me this.

Omg ur too funny. Ur lyrics that Decus posted. I love how how u alternate from real hardcore gangster lyrics to super nerdy fun intellectual poltiical stuff.
U should write more. Wtf. Why didnt u go be an intenrnational bestseller. Or some famous's famous ghostwriter. Stop being a RTard u phaggot!!1 =D

Decus & me in same guild now since whenever but kinda busy with Manager job , unghh big corps are cool but it also sucks sometimes.. Black Mesa yo unghh unghh laceration detected :P

Frag says hi, iBanking is killing Frag (he played with us too under some gay PVE name)
Lol so are u a boss now?? ur capable of running a company.. ur frnd still positioned in OilEnergy or he gfto before market changed

My bff recently went into concerts biz. It's going well, he has great connections & team. FaceBk is the best way to get in touch with u right? Talk to me. Plxxxxx

Yo play Insurgency 2, I'll give u a key lol, I owe u, Super Realisitc Combat seems ur cup of tea

Anonymous said...

Anyone who caused bad karma to you, needs to redeem themselves and make it up to you, for the eyes of God see all, this life is nothing but temporary, and Sinners burn forever

May the Grace of God, be with you

Spartan117 said...

yo Rusty if u need any Steam keys, or alpha beta access or anything else I can help u with, gimme a shout, anything for ya mate just ask, returming favors lolz

yo I can get u special discount on PAX or E3, , u can prolly get into E3 lol w/o my help. if u need whatever just ask