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Saturday, July 12, 2008

This Was A Joke

So to people that remember this and the shitstorm it stirred a while ago, and are reading this now, it was a joke. I was bored and decided to do something that was fun, kind of like a personal experiment. It showed people will believe anything, as long as there is a strong enough illusion or logical misinformation. I quote Freakonomics, "Conventional wisdom is mostly wrong." It was mostly for shits n giggles though and I was very satisfied. I already publicly admitted this on the GWGuru PvP Cup Commentary that finished a couple hours ago.

So for those that believed it, maybe you'll develop an instinct to believe none of what you hear, and half of what you see. Start questioning shit. For those that didn't, I hope you had a good laugh. And for Gaile Gray, I hope I didn't frustrate you too much as I know you responded several times to this. But you're off in some customer service job so that's behind you. =) Oh yeah for those that know me, I'm Rusty. Reppin compton crips y'all know who y'all be. You need cocaine call me up I got more bricks than the Berlin Wall, and Rick Ross just some bitch I keep on a leash.