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Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Truth: Part 1

Hello reader.

I am an ex-employee of, who has developed a popular massively multiplayer online game named Guild Wars. First thing you may question is why I have called it a MMO. Fact is there is no other product as unique as Guild Wars. It is not unique enough to define a whole new genre, and I firmly believe Guild Wars and its sequels will always be the only mainstream entry of its kind, due to its business model. This article addresses and exposes the truth behind many issues, most public, some private, and the reasoning behind the cause and effect of such issues. This article primarily concerns the game Guild Wars, but it may be an interesting read for anyone. Especially other MMO players who rarely have a chance to glimpse the inner workings of a company.

The truth may be hard to handle. I do not claim any of this as the definite truth, only my view of the truth. For all you know, I could be a rambling madman from outer space. After the public dupe outbreak incident, I felt it was my duty to reveal some truths about the company I worked for, and the game.

I will only state facts in a factual manner, and rumours or facts I have not had time to confirm in a non-factual manner. This may result in a disjointed reading. I apologize but almost every sentence in this article could be expanded upon several paragraphs. I have condensed a lot of the material. Every sentence here is extremely important, and should be read with excruciating detail. If the reader decides to re-read the article, I am sure you will find out details you missed. There is extreme anonymity in this article. I am not here to ridicule, offend, or hurt any of my peers and co-workers. I am not here to single out any individual, be it employees or popular community individuals. I am only here to reveal the truth. My tone may change abruptly over sentences. I apologize, as this is a by-product of my condensation in order to save you time, and the fact my normal personality is not factual or cold. I will be using terms that most gamers will be familiar with. However if you are not, here are my own written definitions in the context of this article.

Botter = An individual using a program to automate actions in Guild Wars.

GFC = Gold Farming Company. Companies that sell Guild Wars Gold for real life cash. Their primary source of gold is from botting.

GM = Game Master. An administrator with various commands and access exclusive from normal players.

Duper = An individual that replicates the item using programs or in-game exploits.

Carebear = This is extremely hard to explain without prior MMO experience. In the context of this article, it is not used as an offensive term. It is used as a definition because I cannot articulate the specific classification of character. In context it means someone who is uncaring, laid back, and very unresponsive of learning from their mistakes. It is a very laissez faire attitude. I may not be using the French term correctly. It also fills the usual definition of uncaring of PvP.

PvP = Player vs. Player. Real life opponents fight against other real life opponents.

PvE = Player vs. Environment. Real life individuals fight against A.I. controlled opponents.

From this point forward is the factual truth.

Perhaps the most important thing to know is that is run by carebears. It may surprise you I have used this derogatory term. In this context there is no offense implied by the word. As explained above this is the only term I could find that expresses extreme articulation of their behaviour. That is why certain individuals have complained of too much bureaucracy. Another important thing is that this is a capitalistic world. We only perform actions that will increase our revenue. Wrongful ethics are only wrong if there is public knowledge about such ethics. Of course, we are human beings and have a human nature. If you are shocked by these truths, please know that every MMO company will probably have some aspects of these truths in their company. You just don’t know about it. Welcome to the real world.

I shall begin by addressing botting. As technology increases and Guild Wars’s popularity increases, the botters will increase. Botters are necessary for GFCs to obtain gold. Until the implementation of reconnects it was their main source of gold.

GUILD WARS ANTI-BOT MEASURES’s measures are drastically different from any other MMO. The game monitors how an individual plays. It monitors mouse activity and keystroke delays for recurring trends and irregular movements. Any keystroke, mouse movement, or click is recorded and analyzed. Chat logs are also analyzed. To be honest I found it to be “primitive programming”. But it was extremely effective. Any suspicious activity would be flagged by the system, and a GM would investigate it. They would monitor how you played, and your chat logs.


Now we didn’t ban accounts until the public outcries gradually became large enough for us to “care”. Why? Very simple. It required additional work. We had ties with GFCs. (I apologize for the abrupt introduction of this new information. I will expand upon it later in this article.)

We initiated several “ban floods”, much like the publicly announced 26th May 2006 affair. Obviously this was just PR material. These were waves which bot accounts would be banned. The GFCs knew the accounts that were being banned. We provided them a list of accounts that would be banned. Some GFCs were told to remake the accounts under different character names to thwart the PvE community, or remain inactive on those accounts until later periods. A majority of the accounts were shutdown. and the GFCs agreed to this due to several factors. The major ones are listed below:

1) It makes the game appear “community driven”, and makes the community think we care. This would retain player interest in the game, thus preserving the gold demand. (Players would otherwise think, “Why play when bots overrun this game? It’s worthless.”)

2) Banning accounts helps our business model. Because we do not charge a monthly fee, the botters have to buy new accounts. This would be an under-the-hand transaction of the GFC’s payments into our hands, without ability to be traced back to us.

3) Most of the GFC’s accounts are protected. This means we will “ban” botters that are unprotected, usually homebrew code of players that do not work for GFCs. This provides an illusion that we are working against the botters as players have no insider knowledge of GFCs.


I felt it was appropriate to explain our ties. Know that every MMO company that has a large GFC presence in their games will use this to their advantage and form an unofficial partnership to boost income. This income may not be recorded properly, or at all in financial statements. Obviously the large GFCs are much more protected than the small. Some of these connections may not even be known to higherups and seniors. We are the latter. Even if the seniors do know, they will most likely do nothing about it. It generates revenue and keeps the gold buying population happy. In all regards, it is a good thing. You may be asking the question of why we allow botters to persist and “pollute” the PVE environment, if we are the developers of the game. Why don’t we just input some commands and generate gold?

Contrary to general consensus, we do not have these commands. I believe the PR had claimed this on several occasions. To my knowledge, we have no access to these commands even if they exist. It would make sense not to. Implementation of these commands would increase backdoors into our program, and further potential of manipulation either by external hackers or internal staff. Understand this, any implementation of code allows greater potential for exploits, no matter how simple, no matter how small the effect. It allows greater control over a program.

Even if we did have these commands, there would most certainly be logs. Evidence of any kind is unfavorable to an unofficial partnership. With the anti-farm code being strengthened and re-written to be more effective (by-product of GFCs), we had to design a method that would allow us to generate large quantities of gold without noticeable evidence. The bots were simply not providing enough gold supply for the demand.


We scoured the suggestion forums for an idea. The main idea at the time was ability to reconnect due to the large amount of Err=7s occurring in game. The PvP community was a large factor in establishing that reconnects had to be established. You will probably know what we will talk about next by now. For those that do not, let me explain the situation. A couple weeks ago the reconnect feature was disabled due to players exploiting this feature in order to dupe items. The items that were mostly duped were Ectos or Armbraces of Truth, as they were high-demand, high-priced and stackable items. After the public learnt of the method, the population of dupers were too large to be ignored. Action had to be taken and it was. Thousands of accounts were banned. The damage to the economy will never truly be revealed, as these “dirty” items could’ve gone through hundreds of exchanges, through many innocent players inventories.

The exploit was intentional.

As said before, we needed a surefire way to generate mass gold supply without upsetting the players. The close circle of employees that knew this information was kept airtight. This information was never leaked to the public. It is a fact. There are several theories as to how the public became to know of this information. I do not have access to resources anymore, so I cannot confirm this. But this is my theory.

Duping using disconnections is not exactly new to MMOs, and is still possible in many games without third party programs. After the introduction of reconnects, several individuals who were experienced in game exploiting decide to test out whether it was possible. And to their delight, they found that it was. These individuals would obviously keep the secret to themselves, and maybe share it with their best buddies. The phrase, “In order for three people to keep a secret, two must be dead.” comes into play here. Gradually but surely, the duper population increased. Most internet personalities have an egotistical edge to them, and they were sure to brag. Somewhere along the lines the duper population increased exponentially. The rest as they say, is history. Very cliché.

During this phase, anti-farming was of great debate among PVErs. It became harder and harder for players to obtain items, and for a time the economy was stabilized. Along with botters being banned, the GFC industry looked “bleak” for Guild Wars. Of course this was simply an illusion. The GFCs used this as an excuse to raise their gold prices. As always the population bought it. It was harder for regular players to obtain gold, thus they would be pressured into buying gold. In other words we tunneled the players into GFC’s customers.

This is a lot to read for my first post, but I have hope you have read my version of the truth. My next post will be about another subject, either of my own thought or the emails I receive. Please digg this if you want to spread the truth.

I will respond to as many emails as humanly possible. It is obvious that I desire exposure to this article, otherwise I would not have written it in the first place. If you feel this truth is important and should be known, please spread it and digg it. My email is

Until next time.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the insight into a-net! My assumptions (if what you say is true) have been right all along, in thinking that a-net must not mind having bots run all over the place.

BTW: "Carebear" is such a broad term and most have so many interpretations of it. But I get what you mean, I think? Could it be inattentive,listless,phlegmatic? Or are you referring to them loving PvE. Well to me "Carebare just has to many meanings without you going into more detail.

Anonymous said...

Hello, I found this blog on the guru forum. It was very insightful and interesting indeed; however, the original thread was closed after 5 views. A bit 1984 style, isn't it?

My first thought regarding the topic is simple: can humans handle the truth? After reading this blog, I checked the original thread. Someone claims that this site has "keylogger" without any facts to support it. That is rather an ignorant or a stupid way to reply to a possible truth, isn't it? If so, why would you actually make an effort to explain to these humans?

Back onto the topic, as a Guild Wars player, I don't believe we have any rights to complain. After all, Anet provided us years of fun. Last time I checked, that is priceless. Also, buying online gold is not mandatory. Although many players complain that it affects our so called "economy", last time I checked, Guild Wars is only a game. Have we gotten our priorities so mixed up that we have this kind of obsession with a game?

If what you said about Anet is true, I am not upset at all. Instead, I find them to be brilliant to construct such method to increase their revenue. More reason for me to become an employee of Anet after I graduate.

Lastly, I can only identify what you have said as a rumor or a possible truth. I apologize. Although these events are connected quite perfectly, there are no actual facts to prove such actions exist.

Come My Sweet Death said...

Why is it, in every MMO/RPG, when a "theory" is posted, the author claims to be a former emplyee and sign themsevles as "Truth"?

Oddly enough, the info contained here is up to date nearly to the day you posted it. Did you get fired and post it in the same day?

I'm sorry, but when the very name you choose to use is, in fact, a lie to hide and cover yourself up, the article to me is nothing more than a well planned, time consuming, story. No source material to back up claims, no referencing material (info that can be verified, but not made readily available such as gwguru and could continue to hide your supposive "ex-employee" status), nothing.

Assuming what is written is "truth" (which anyone with half an education to critically think can see obvious omissions on your part to verify your own statements) then sign your real name to it. That way, we the public, can verify the source and know if what you say IS truth, or just something that took you a few days to write from reading through Guru, proof read, and post.

PS- Gmail address? Give us a break. Answer in comments. You don't need my email, or anyone elses.

Anonymous said...

" is run by carebears."

omg I have the hiccups
this is awesome, I can't wait for the next one

Anonymous said...

hi. thanks for your deep and thoughtful insight into the obvious.

ps: who gives a shit?

Anonymous said...

Thought provoking, whether truth or fiction.

Anonymous said...

He/she left it anonymous to prevent incurring a lawsuit for "slander" which can cost people their homes etc. Regardless if its fact or fiction, it would make sense for a "MMO" that isn't P2P to generate revenue in this manner. How does ANET get the money to host its world tournaments unless they are dipping into their P2P games for the cash;? maybe they do get sponsored by GFC?

Anonymous said...

You haven't offered any proof that any of this happened, only a story that you likely fabricated. Until I see documentation or something to prove what you've stated, this is all just a story to me. Interesting, but still a story. Honestly, we don't even have proof that you are really an ex-Anet employee...

Anonymous said...

To one of the "Anon's", if what he/she says is true, he/she can't be sued for "slander", as slander is making false statements. All the more reason to sign his/her REAL NAME to it. If it's "truth" he/she has nothing to worry about. You can't be sued for making false statements that defame person(s) if the statements aren't false.

So where's the name?

To make a false name, or look up an actual Employee name to "claim" themselves to be & put on here would be criminal, which is probably why there aren't any names at all.

To hide his/her name gives all the more reason to believe this article is nothing more than a made up, well written, story. One based on reading through assumptions other players have posted in Guru.

Remember folks. Don't just look at what is here. Also look at what ISN'T here...and then ask yourself Why....

Anonymous said...

True or not, it is interesting and makes sense, they need to make money some how, we don't pay a monthly fee, they get stuck with the cost of servers, bandwidth, tournaments and PR events, who are we to complain if there doing it to stay alive as a business.
Hope to see some more from the author :)

Anonymous said...

While they cannot be sued for slander (assuming this is true), I'm sure they had to sign some form of NDA.

Anonymous said...

You make it osund like NcSoft and its subsidiary studios are some basement, Joe-Schmoe, company. It makes me wonder if anyone has actually read the NcSoft website and company history to realize it's a far spanning global enterprise. In case anyone forgets, GuildWars isn't the only game by the company, nor was it the first. Consider all units of all NcSoft Games sold, revenue distributed, sponserships, sponsered invite events, features, advertising revenue, and so forth.

I don't understand how we got the mentality that the only possible way an online game can make money is to have a monthly fee.

Boinker said...

there is a big reason why he should not tell us his name, if he tells his name he might never again get to work with the things he likes

Anonymous said...

Yes it seem to be the norm with ppl thinking they have to pay to play with MMO. Most of these companies even state it in the faq or about. "we charge a monthly fee to pay for servers and bring you cutting edge content" Sad how most just fall for it.

" Employee" do yourself a favor and keep you real name out of it. defamation of character is so grey these days and as you stated yourself this is your interpretation of things. Also by no means would any judge or jury read this and feel slander or libel was at hand.

Anonymous said...

Certainly a very interesting read... Looking forward to your next post.

Anonymous said...

I see 2 possibilities here:

1 - He was employed there and found out about this. But then he would be breaking the NDA he signed.

2 - He is just making shit up, thus incurring a slander lawsuit.

In both cases hiding his name won't do anything if ANET sues because first they file a "john doe" lawsuit which allows them to get a court order which will force blogspot to reveal his ip address. Then his ISP will get a similar court order forcing them to reveal his name (like the RIAA has been doing, except ANET actually has evidence).

If he is going through a proxy server then that might protect him, but any proof he posts will likely reveal who he is if he ever worked for ANET because his information will only be up to date to a specific point, and ANET knows which employees left/we fired around then.

So hiding his name reduces his credibility and doesn't do anything to protect him if ANET actually cared to stop him (which they won't until it starts hurting sales).

Anonymous said...

All I can say is...I couldn't care less if this was true or not. As someone said previously, they have provided us with years of fun...But I very much doubt this, heck, couldn't they make a GM code (like Gaile's auto-map) to spawn items? Seems a bit silly to create a massive loophole that players can find.

Anonymous said...

Nice read.

But pointless.

Also: Most probably a fake.

KevlarGorilla said...

I just can't see this as being true.

It just doesn't make sense for Anet to have ties with GFCs. If they want money from the companies, they find and ban bots, who would then buy more accounts that can be found and banned. It doesn't make much sense for Anet to be in cahoots with the biggest GFCs for a few reasons:

a) If Anet has the account names in hand, they would ban them and get paid anyways for having new accounts made.
b) "Secret Income" from GFCs is a serious accusation. It's called fraud. What about the taxes payable from it? It's punishable by law.
c) If anything, I'd trust Anet to protect their investment. Inflation ruins a game economy.

Anonymous said...

I believe that the author has probably omitted some minor truths, but overall all the points seem valid and seem to have a clear head associated with the mask. (though partly dramatic). also, from a financial analytical standpoint, these "facts" are somewhat well.... truthful. for example, check the dates of when these events occur and find the subsequent weeks in their share prices. more accounts bought, seemingly more popular, stocks go up for have a stronger player base. just a point... but i think the author has 85% truth here....

Anonymous said...

This conveniently fills every conspiracy theory from the tinfoil hat brigade. How utterly convenient.

There are more holes in this story than a swiss cheese that has been executed by firing squad.

Got any screenshots from your time working there? Emails, internal memos? Photos? How did you have access to ANETS's financial policies whilst also know about the behaviour of the GM's?

1/10 Good try, but needs less polish to be credible.

Rusty said...

@ The Dumbshit above:

Too pussy to leave a name and then moan about why the writer is anonymous? Maybe if you weren't a fucking idiot you would see that he has a reason to keep his identity a secret. And maybe if you actually read his shit instead of sucking your own dick like a no-brained faggot that you are, smothering yourself in your presumed but non-existant intelligence you would actually ask valid questions. Too bad too many people on the internet are persistent in making themselves look like a fucking cunt.

0/10 Good try but you're still a fucking failure.

Henchway said...

Dear annoymous faggots SHUT THE FUCK UP. Dear Ex-bad company employee, plz write a book. Whether this "truth" is absolute or not, i dont give a fuck, it was a great read amirite? Anyways Rusty is a G, and well fuck the bullshit. Fuck A-net. Fuck that motherfucker who reported me, and fuck the free world.

Anonymous said...

rusty you need to stop being a pussy bitch you faggot ass prick haha i'm annonoymous which is a synonym for being better than you at life among other things.
henchway is a flaming homosexual and no one values his opinion.

Anonymous said...

Ya I definately agree with everything that was written here. I am so mad at anet right now! It really makes me angry that they would do this! I knew all along they were out to screw with us! I have played pve and attained the highest ranks and gotten a large amount of gold only to find out that it is a tainted item, just like many other things I currently am in possession of. It angers me to know that Anet knowingly allowed my valueables to be duped and caused my time to be of little to no value!

Anet-ex-employee2 lawl said...

HAHAHAHA, thanks for wasting a few minutes of my life. The way you write is top notch conspiracy language. +1 for that.

Stop being grievers. kk.

You quickly go over the comment why Anet would benefit from GFC's. To 'create gold', to keep 'the gold buying players happy'. Think about it for a second. Gold farmers will be there either way, bond or no bond. The majority of the players will still be non-goldbuyers. For that relatively small group there will be gold farmers anyway. To ban bot accounts there will be happy players + the bots will come again (creating new accounts/money) for that small group. There is absolutely NO sense why they would 'team up' with gold farmers.

Anonymous said...

"I will only state facts in a factual manner"

thanks. retard. this post fails.

Reikichi said...

I don't quite get how so many of you have negative things to say about his post, yet you fail to provide any sort of reasoning behind it. Everything in his post was well put together and made a lot of sense. While this doesn't make it true, it certainly makes it more credible than your "OMG, I DONT BELEEVE U, U SUK" bullshit.

Another point I'd like to make is this: If there's no paper trail in their "plot to use GFCs to make money," he could be sued for slander, since there'd be no proof to back his statements, whether they were true or not.

As for his anonymity, it makes more sense for him to remain anonymous than it does for him to reveal his name. Even if there wasn't an NDA, even if he couldn't be sued for sued for slander, can you imagine the kind of mail/calls he'd get from people like you? Quite a bit, I can imagine. It works to his complete dis-benefit to post his name, other than adding a little credibility to statements he makes.

Of course I'm not saying to just take everything at face value, but instead of posting your "THIS IS FAKE" bullshit without any proof, why not wait for there to be some sort of proof on either side of the argument. It's complete ignorance to do otherwise, and it makes you just as bad, no, worse than anyone who just believes everything he said without any sort of proof.

In the USA, we're innocent until proven guilty, not the other way around. Think about that for a while before YOU spread slanderous bullshit about other people, like you've done with your debunker's mindset and comments.

Anonymous said...

Rei, while you make some points, here's my reasoning behind why I think it's nothing more than a conspiracy.

Irregardless of the author stating his name, he/she provides nothing else in the form of Proper Nouns. Actual places and place names, partners, Actual names of the companies who sell the Gold, and so forth.

Secondly, he/she provides no referencing material, that while still containing his/her anonymous status, the general public could go out and verify.

Furthermore, the author him/herself states their personal Bias. "I do not claim any of this as the definite truth, only my view of the truth." The question I ask, how can it be Truth AND personal viewpoint? It's either fact, or not fact. Once bias becomes involved, it's not longer fact. It becomes opinion. It's my opinion that Basketball is boring. That doesn't mean it's fact.

Next, the explinations. Everything here, in some form or another, has (and will be in the future) been stated in the Guru forums. Does it shock anyone that this blog was first posted in the Guru forums? Coincidence? I find it hard to believe it is.

Finally, even IF there is a partnership, there is not a large enough Gold Buying community to generate any extra income on behalf of Anet and NcSoft. To echo sanother comment, Anet, which is a sub of NcSoft, is not a tiny company. It's large. In fact, Huge. It's not a 100 man crew. Also it has to be hammered home that Guild Wars is not the only MMORPG developed by NcSoft and its Subs. I'm sure most of us know Lineage and its follow ups were (and perhaps still are?) highly successful in the MMo Market.

NCSoft and its Subs can and do take in far much more income from sponsership and advertising (Note in the latest tournament prizes, ATI). NcSoft also just signed a partnership with SONY for development. Furthermore, income generated by all sales of all company game units is a ton of income as it is.

The idea that such a large gaming company requires itself to dive into the $7.99 50/50 Gold buying market is, in esscence, out of proportion and makes no sense for such a company to be involved in scraping chump change when its business model has already proven lucrative and prosperous...Well before Guild Wars was even in the market.

Remember, NcSoft BOUGHT Anet. Anet is not the top of the food chain here and it's foolish to think, even for a second, that an overall company as large as NcSoft needs to be involved in penny pandering with Online Gold buying.

So that's why this post is completely nuts. It looks good, it sounds good, and it's well written. Yet, if you actually sit back in your chair and pick it apart, think about the bigger picture, and take notice of information that seems to be conveinently realize it just doesn't add up at all.

Nice try, but like online gold, I just don't buy it.

Anonymous said...

Your site sucks, kill yourself.

It's all copypasta garbage.

Anonymous said...

The person above is another idiot of the internet. Good job.

Blackmoore said...

Thx for this, the shady business of the mmorpg industry deserves it.

Money under the table, the symbiosis with GFC's, underaged GM's scamming, the continous checking up on player convos and accounts by listening in on private chats etc. the list could go on and on

The fact that people react like they do on your article just shows how litte most players know about the RMT industry and how much money it really generates.

Anonymous said...

This Blog is offically Gay

Anonymous said...

Well, all the "facts" you are usi9ng can be found in the numerous conspiracy threads on Guild Wars Fansites. To be honest, I have read way better/more funny conspiracy theories there.

Oh, and as a matter of fact, some of the game mechanic things you are talking about are just wrong. It rather looks like you are just a disgruntled GW player and somebody stole your candy.


Anonymous said...

LOL so if u are so sure of the wrong game mechanics why don't u list them? Haha, I guess u can't and ur just spewing bullshit...

Reikichi said...

To anonymous who referred to me as "Rei:"

Not to discredit a large bulk of what you've said, he did say that it wasn't something that was known among a large bulk of the company, rather a widespread insider job to scrape together some more cash for the pockets of the people, whereas the rest of the company could care less about patches, as long as they make money. Also, the repeated buying of new GW licenses does generate quite a bit of profit, even if the GFC isn't as large as people like to believe.

Another point I'd like to make is this, you can be both truthful and biased at the same time, he was simply stating that some of what he says is hearsay and that he can't guarantee 100% of every thing's validity .

Lastly, in addition to there likely being nothing you could reference TO, it was also mentioned that the author had no intention of ratting people out and making personal statements about people, which I don't see as wrong, simply that he wasn't attacking anyone, just letting the truth be known.

But in defense of the neigh-sayers, there's no proof of his statements, and if what you say about the Guru forums is true, it's quite possible that this is just some sort of elaborate ruse thought up by someone with too much time and too little to do, in which case I'd have to agree with these people and say that this guy is a complete dickwad. However, I do not really favor either side, and it doesn't really matter in the grand scheme of things, are people going to stop playing over this? I wouldn't.

Anonymous said...

A lot of people are saying "who cares". I'll tell you who cares. All the people who have had their accounts needlessly, stupidly, and unfairly banned.

I have known for a long time that one of Anets ways of making money is to use any lame excuse to ban people who are really into the game, such as guild leaders and high profile players. This way they scare the public into submisson, and they get the banned person to buy a new account. There is a reason that players are required to to sign a new EULA contract almost every week. The reason is that it is always being altered to suit Anet's current desires and most recent errors. What happens if one day we decide we don't like the changes in this weeks new Eula? We can't play the game anymore, thats what. Do you think the store will refund your money when you say "they changed the rules on me, and I don't accept them. They won't let me play unless I do. Please return my money."? I doubt it. Anet has all their players by the balls, and couldnt care less about them.
I would imagine they have the same attitude toward all of their employees.

Corey said...

Did you guys even check out the interview?

Anonymous said...

Yeah. It was pointless.

Ten82 said...

LOL ur pointless fag

Anonymous said...

"LOL ur pointless fag"

Go back to school, kiddo.

Anonymous said...

See, the deal is this: People who work for entertainment companies (game companies included) have to sign what's called an NDA - a Non-Disclosure Agreement. If you disclose information regarding particular projects, companies, etc., and you've signed your NDA, you can be in a heap of trouble if found out. Even after you quit or are fired from a job, you risk a huge lawsuit if you disclose information that was supposed to be confidential.

Just my two cents.

JonasBerkstorm said...

Exactly which is why it makes complete sense for this guy to not reveal his identity, even though it may affect the validity of his claims!

Anonymous said...

I don't know if this guy is really an employee, but I have thought that what he said is true (well, not nearly as elaborate as he said, but the GFC for sure) for some time. I remember when I said to my friend on GW, "Dude, I wonder why anet is so against gold farming; it's probably because they have their own companies and don't want competition."

Now, in my opinion, Guild Wars is a dead game that hasn't been fun for quite some time. Its pvp is imbalanced and its pve is a joke. I think all of you need to get over your Guild Wars sympathy, take off your rose colored glasses or whatever, and accept that a-net is shady. Does that mean that if you enjoy the game that you should stop playing? Well, not really, but I would. Wait, I already have.

PS: lol @ GW's economy. Just like the US has shown, you can't have a stable economy when there isn't a set number of currency. Being as gold comes from monsters and there are an infinite amount of monsters (unless by some odd formula, the gold drop is tied with gold spent, doubtful though...) there is an infinite amount of gold. That in itself fucks the economy. It just becomes more magnified when you add extra gold farmers into it.

Anonymous said...

A lot of us with your so-called "sympathy" aren't giving such a response because we have rose colored glasses on. I have my fair share of issues with Anet and how it handles certain things.

The "sympathy" and opposition to these articles stems from constructive thinking as to who this guy says he is, the style of writing he chooses to use, the choices of specific words he uses, and the lack of key information in places where it would solidify his position.

Just because Anet may be shady, doesn't mean all of us have to jump on the wagon of every opposition post. That's sheep mentality.

I found it funny though that while you stated you 'think' Anet has their own GFC companies and wouldn't want the competition, you actually answered the question more with more belief in the end.

Perhaps Anet is so anti-GFC because they're trying to keep as much stability as possible (keywords: "As Possible") in the economy. Therefore, doing as much as possible to censor, ban, remove, and scale GFC's and related issues will help keep the economic scale as balanced and stable as possible. Compared to numerous other MMO Economies, GW's is rather admirable.

So if it's a choice in what's more reasonable; Anet in secret cahoots with GFC's to make 5 dollars on 100K, or Anet actually doing sweeping massive bans and censoring of GFC to control the amount of farmed gold from entering the economy and forcing it to lose any stable ground it has from happening. What will I choose out of these two?

The second. It has nothing to do with rose colored glasses. It has everything to do with simple reasoning.

Anonymous said...

If Anet really was concerned (as with any other company) with not 'working too much', and increasing efficeincy and revunue, then it seems this conspiracy theory is much more difficult to pull off then if they were to hande the problems in a 'normal' manner.

"In a Xanatos Gambit, an especially cunning villain is able to trick the heroes into giving him what he wants. The Xanatos Roulette takes this one step too far. The villain is upgraded from "cunning" to "seemingly omniscient". The plan is ridiculously convoluted, often relying on events that are completely within the realm of chance -- yet it comes off without a single hitch" (Taken from

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Quite ironic that there's an ad for "Guild Wars Gold" a bit down here.

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i have a question for the author, and for the people who look deeply into this stuff, who cares? so what if anet supports botting, of couse the should! step back and look at the big picture. anet made a game to make money, botting and gold selling comanies get them more money, what could they possibly have to lose? i honestly dont care if they support botting, or even if they dont try to stop it. my main point here is that i dotn care what anet does behind my back, as long as i get to play guild wars, im happy

Anonymous said...

Most likely this was written by a 14 year old that had his account banned for botting and/or duping. It's mind boggling as to why anyone would bother with either in this game. You can pretty much beat the game with 1k armor and collector weapons. No need to endlessly farm or level. There is also no need for farming in PvP either.

Any employee of NCSoft will understand that the game design is to discourage the need for endless farming and leveling to have fun playing GW. What Anet needs to do is limit the bandwidth from bots and dupers to keep the server costs down and profits up.

The alleged ex-employee here fails to understand the basics of the no-fee model in the gaming business.

Veg said...

Wow, this is amazing.

At one point, you mention that isn't stupid enough to insert commands to generate gold, since it would allow "greater potential for exploits." Meanwhile, a paragraph later, you claim that created reconnects since they would allow for duping. Which has the greater potential for exploitation? Duping through reconnects, which can be done by anyone regardless of their account, or creating commands which you can limit to certain accounts? I don't know which language Guild Wars is made of, and I probably don't know how to program using that language, but I can show you how to use Byond to do it:

#define GOLD_MAKER "Cheater"

add_gold(G as num)
gold += G

Wow, this comment area isn't good for posting code, but anyways, put one tab before "Generator", two tabs before "key" and "verb", three tabs before "add_gold", and four tabs before "gold +=" to get what the code really looks like. Set where I said Cheater to whatever account you want to generate gold, and you've got a verb directly applied to an account (i.e. You need that account to exploit it). To be able to use that command, you need the specific account it's tied to (When's the last time Gaile Grey's account was hacked? That's what it would take). Granted, I'm 100% certain that Guild Wars isn't using Byond software to write the game, but if I, a measly college student with basic Java training, can figure out how to do it in Byond, I'm sure the developers can figure out how to do it in their environment.

Anyways, the point of that exercise was to show that your post doesn't make any logical sense. " didn't want to make an exploit that can be abused by anyone, so we chose the less secure exploit." Classic conspiracy theory garbage. Make broad statements ("Understand this, any implementation of code allows greater potential for exploits, no matter how simple, no matter how small the effect"), rely upon the fact that your audience doesn't consist of experts in the field you claim to come from, and then later make a statement which goes completely against your previous statement ("The exploit was intentional"). Even if I ignore the fact that you claim that the evil workers at were idiots (I know! In other games, you can use reconnects to dupe items! We'll do the same thing! It's not like people exploiting those other games will know to try that in Guild Wars!) I'm not going to let you get away with taking advantage of people who know nothing about programming (oh, and in reference to the "There would be logs" idea, there would only be logs if decided to create logs themselves. That's one of the advantages of being a developer. You want uber powers? Write them in).

IGN: Ian Blaqthorn look me up chumps said...

Wow, look at all the children picking this post apart like flies on a pile of fecies. Look kiddies. Whoever it was that posted this, left quite a few holes in it. SERIOUS holes. Like for one, people who are buying gold from the "GFC's" are being banned for it. If Anet was in leagues with them, wouldn't they want more people to do it? Not to make them shy away from it by saying no don't do that or we'll ban you. Anyone who believes this filth he spewed doesn't deserve to play Guild wars. You don't even deserve to own a computer. They ban botters because they use copyrighted digital data to make a quick buck. They ban people who give them money for this copyrighted digital data for illegal transaction of stolen goods and or services. These things are basic law. If what this man said was true, there's a serious lawsuit for anyone who's been banned for "illegally" buying gold. Jesus christ morons, read your end user agreement...

Lily said...

You certainly give some interesting perspectives on the situation, but I found that a lot of the things you say are very inconsistent. When you seem to link creating masses of gold ingame to duping I kind of lose your point.

Duping items doesn't create any more gold, if anything it increases the number of items in circulation while the amount of cash remains the same, thus meaning the value of the individual items drops gigantically (which was exactly what happened). How can this be good for the GFC's, if the really expensive stuff gets cheaper then the need for GFC's actually becomes less! So either this supposed scheme on's part that you propose is real, but the GFC's are really stupid, or you put the wrong dots together.

Also your logic fails when you talk about banning being just a big show to fool people into thinking something is being done about botting and so on. If they banned people for this reason they wouldn't ban more than absolutely necessary, because according to your logic they don't really want to ban anyone, they just want to make a point and then get on with business as usual. This is contradicted by a large amount of people who got banned without any valid reason. If they purposely banned bots and made a deal with the GFC's then why bother banning random players who are actually their main audience, and then in most cases fail to even supply a valid reason for the ban? The only thing I can think of here is that they ban to increase revenue from newly sold accounts or they made a mistake but can't be bothered to turn it back for the same reason.

What you say about the majority of being 'carebears' as in uncaring unless it directly increases their revenue, that I already knew, but then that's how any company works, because if they don't they don't last too long. A company's only goal should be making as high a profit as possible. The thing that really drives that one home is all the messages on guru and incgamers forums of people who got completely screwed over by gw support when trying to retrieve their account. Some people had lost control of their account as it had been hacked or they'd forgotten their password and couldn't get back in or get the password changed. When trying to get their accounts back in these cases support just sent them round endless circles and in some cases people even got the message that "someone else has already claimed access of your account" claiming that these people provided copies of the physical access keys, while some of these purchases were made through the online store... Ofcourse why give people their account back when not doing so will either force them to buy a new one or cause them to quit playing, thereby clearing serverspace for other people...

So is the big bad wolf company? No, or at least no more so than any other company. It's just that their goals have been forced to adapt to their businessmodel of one-time payment for potentially limitless play. Since people don't directly pay for each month that they play it is not directly in's best interest that people keep playing. Thus why should they care, as long as you come back for the next chapter...

Anonymous said...

are U dead or Anet got U to..!

Anonymous said...

In case you guys didn't know this, Rusty publicly admitted this was a joke site, and he wrote it to start a drama shitstorm for fun. He admitted it on the GWG commentary that just wrapped up a couple hours ago.

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